Possible Mara Interview Questions

Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: April 25, 2013
1. Tell us about yourself and your family background.
2. Why do you wish to study overseas? Why not locally?
3. Tell about your history./ What kind of person are u?/ What skills do you have? 4. Why MARA and not JPA?
5. Which university you wish to study in?
6. What is your future plan?
7. What will you be in the next 10 years?
8. If we don't send you to your preferred country, where else you want to go? 10. If you do not receive the scholar, then what is your plan? 11. What is your small but important contribution in life?

13. What is your preferable specialization?
14. What is special about you?
15. What makes you different from other candidates?
16. In the past, how you would persuade others?
17. What do you know about MARA?
18. If we send you to this country, will you accept our offer? 20. Why do you want to join MARA?
23. What kind of advantage do you look for in this scholarship? 24. What do you consider as your strengths? How about your weaknesses? 25. What is your greatest achievement in your entire life?
28. How do you cooperate and establish good relationships with colleagues and family? 29. How can you contribute to MARA in the future?
30. What is your hope for this interview?
31. Do you aware that the study fee in that country is expected to be high? 32. Why must we choose you instead of many other high achievers out there? 33. Do you read newspaper? When was the last time?

34. Then tell us the latest issue regarding medicine.
35. What do you think when local doctors received less pay compared to doctors working overseas? 36. Who's the Agong?
37. MARA is under what ministry? Who is the minister?
38. Who is MARA's CEO?

4)Which country do you wanna go?Other than that??Why??/
Why do you want to go UK not US?/ Why do u choose UK instead of middle east? 5) Why do you want to be a doctor/pharmacist/engineer?/ Why are you becoming a doctor/ pharmacist, not an accountant or engineer?(tell alot of thing) 11)Why wouldn't you consider the...
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