Possible Lives - Mike Rose

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Possible Lives
Mike Rose

In the reading Possible Lives by Mike Rose, Rose talks about an education and community in Calexico, California. He started out by mentioning that Calexico is a Bicultural city where they speak two languages, the city residents is of 21,000 with majority Spanish speakers. Calexico was originally not a city but a surveying camp with the name of Mexico and California put together. It was until 1908 that it became a city and no longer a surveying camp. Rose then focus on how the schools work together to give kids higher education, dealing with bilingual education programs, and ways of teaching in Calexico that respect their local history.

According to Rose, most families in Calexico are very poor and their income are very low. Most students that graduated from high school continue to either a two or four years college. The students went on to different majors but decide to become teachers then went back to their old school so that they can give the younger generations to get better education. There are also some people who work so they go to school at night. Since the place is small, when there class going on at a certain times, it might seems like there’s no one there.

Rose introduced one girl named Evangeline where she talks about how easy it is for her to keep track of people lives because there’s not a lot. She mention about how people don’t know when they miss home until they actually left home and go back again and that it has a certain smell that only they are familiar with. When students went back to teach at their old school, people would look at them with sort of a surprised expression because time had past by to the point where the students becomes the teacher, yet the teachers who taught those kids are still there teaching and they no longer have the student-teacher relationship but co-workers. The people in Calexico tries to teach in ways that respect their history which some parents still think that it is more...
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