Possible Causes and Solutions of Time Wasters

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Angelica Concepcion R. Lat
BSBA - Entrepreneurial Marketing 3

 Being sluggish  | laziness, lacking alertness (of mind), lack of energy| Have a balanced diet, sleep at least 8 hours a day, drink at least 8 glasses of water, exercise daily, be involved in physical activities, drink vitamins|  Internet Surfing | boredom, hobby| Lessen the hours I spend on the internet and explore the real world.| Movie marathon| boredom, hobby| Only watch movies during spare time. Limit my hours in watching movies/TV shows|  Window Shopping| boredom, idle, lack of self-control| Instead of spending too much money, save it or put in the bank or be involved in charity works.|   Playing computer games| boredom, lack of self-control| Play computer games only if you have nothing else to do. |  Overthinking | I tend to be at lost in my thoughts most of the time; lack of sleep; lack of focus| Rather than overthinking, I should put more action.| Overeating junkfoods| habit| Since it is unhealthy, I should control myself from eating junkfoods and be on a balanced diet.| Inability to say “No”| Not saying “no” to people’s requests because I’m afraid of letting people down.| Be honest with the people around you. Don’t be afraid to let people down sometimes.| Disorganization| Laziness. The more disorganized you are, the more time that you will waste. | Organize. Set priorities.| Burn out| Exhausted. Unable to concentrate. | Manage your time. Set your schedules.| Procrastination (cramming)| Laziness. Unorganized. | Do your work ahead of time to avoid procrastination.| Lack of interest| Fear of failing| Show interest in everything I do.| Constantly switching priorities| Not satisfied. Will not be able to finish everything on time| First things first.| Excessing chatting (cellphone/email/etc.)| Boredom. | Be aware of how much time I spend chatting. Limit it appropriately.|...
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