Possible and Impossible

Topics: Good and evil, Sleep, Viggo Mortensen Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Possibility and Impossibility , two natural feelings but they are so opposite they wouldn't be declared except by children , let me tell you a story about this two feeling ,these two emotion , they are like good versus evil , good is represented by possible while evil is represented by impossible . Once upon a time, in a magical old place called the world of wonders there every good and bad dream is declared this story talks about two persons and there life fitting with destiny, There names were Possible and Impossible, Possible and Impossible were driving a car to go and visit their family , when suddenly the car went out of gas something which possible and impossible didn't know , possible kept fighting with impossible because he forget to fill gas but at that moment impossible was looking around him and he knew they were in the middle of no ware they were out of there county, town, city ,they were out rages from their selves and each other , but they know they couldn't live like that: separated at least that's what Possible thought. On the other side of this story, Impossible who was thinking of killing Possible to take all the food and money they have, so he thought of something marvelous and pure evil, he thought of telling Possible to sleep in the middle of the road and he will sleep under the tree it is here when the destiny intruded the story when the car came it's driver saw Possible sleeping in the middle of the road so it went out of the road and hit Impossible that shows that ALLAH and only ALLAH can beat evil take it away , and that is shown in our story. That is our moral, the moral of our story cause we know no story is without morals, it is good beats evil, so please try to have good quality that what brings a good citizen, a wonderful friend as we know a friend in need is a friend in deed .

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