Positives of a Beauty Contest

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The Positives of Beauty Contest on Modern Society
Who would not want to be beautiful, talented, hard-working, and community-service oriented? Who would not want to go to college on scholarships? A beauty contest is a competition in which the entrants are judged as to physical beauty and sometimes personality and talent, with the winners being awarded titles or prizes. There are many types of beauty contest. The two main types are natural and glitz. Natural pageants focus on the contestant’s natural beauty while the glitz pageants are more glamorous; focusing on their high fashion evening gowns and swimsuits ("Glitz pageants," 2009).During pageants the competitors are judged on a variety of aspects. Some of the characteristics they are judged on include beauty, talent, formalwear, swimwear, essays, and interviews. Every pageant has their own distinct way of judging and kind of characteristics to judge on. Beauty contest serve a positive purpose in modern society for the contestants and contributors. History

Pageants have been around for centuries. In history, beauty contest were a form of entertainment. In ancient China, special rules were created for selecting beauties (Shabanov, 2009). The first civilized beauty pageant was extremely modest according to a reporter of a Scandinavian newspaper(Nussbaum). All men wore tuxedos and women worn long dresses(Nussbaum). The first winner of an international pageant was Marthe Soucaret. The title she won was Most Beautiful Girl on the Planet and she also won five thousand franks (Shabanov, 2009). Beauty pageants became big in America in the 1920s. The first Miss America pageant was held on September 8, 1921. The winner was only sixteen years old. This pageant was also the first pageant that the girls wore swimwear ("Key facts and," 2011). Beauty contest have developed drastically overtime. Developing Self-Esteem

Beauty contest serve a variety of purposes to be a positive impression on today’s society by promoting self-esteem for participants. Being involved in beauty pageants can help people gain satisfaction of them. A way that beauty contestants gain self-esteem is by gaining self-confidence. Self-confidence is a way to have strong inner strength and a positive self-image. Beatriz is one of many that have a positive outlook on pageants; she believes that pageants helped her become confident and self-assured (Nussbaum). Having the ability to be presentable can also gain self-assurance. Contestants learn to be presentable by walking on stage in front of people, being judged. They must have a great walk and poise to be judged positively. Being presentable also leads to the ability to become role models for younger participants. If a titleholder isn’t presentable, the title could be taken away. A former Miss USA lost her crown due to excessive partying and drug accusations ("Miss usa crown," 2006). The ability to be presentable, role models, and to have self-confidence is positives on today’s society that beauty contests have the chance to gain. Acquire Useful Skills

Another plus to beauty contest is that they help the participants acquire useful skills. A useful skill that beauty contestants learn is to have the ability to speak in public. A lot of pageants require the participant to answer questions on stage or to have an interview. A part of the Miss America pageant is that they are able to have an interview, which judges on presentation and community involvement ("Miss america faq," 2011). Public speaking is a trait that will be used for a lifetime. Colleges have classes pertaining to just speaking in public. Public speaking will be great in the future for participants for many reasons including scholarship and job interviews. Beauty contestants also are usually required to participate in community service. The Miss America organization participates in over 12,000 community service events ("Miss america faq," 2011). Another benefit of pageants is that the contestants...
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