Positive Working Practices in Relation to Caring for Individuals with Additional Needs

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  • Published : June 6, 2012
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Task 3 – Positive working practices

In this assignment I am going to be describing four examples of positive working practices with respect to individuals with additional needs.

The place I have chosen to use is “Stepping Stones” which is a children’s centre in Swansea. Stepping stones is an excellent example of an agency that delivers positive working practice to individuals with additional needs. Stepping stones caters for children up to the age of 4 – so before they start nursery. As part of my Health and Social Care course, our class had the opportunity to visit stepping stones and we got to see most of the positive practices that they delivered. These practices are now going to be delivered. (http://www.actionforchildren.org.uk/)

Stepping stones centre had various rooms that were all designed to promote lots of different areas for a child’s development, but before children were left to play, a core worker would observe a child then create plans for them, so that they everything the child did, it helped them develop in some way or form. It included a sensory room that was produced to help children to develop through their use of senses and also used to calm children down. This room had a fibre optic light that the children could control, a resonate board...
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