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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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P3.1 Include a list of five (5) ways in which you have been a positive role model for children in your setting. -Punctual
-Dress appropriately
-Use appropriate language
P3.2 Give reasons to support your list.
As a student in a Primary School I believe that I am a good role model to the children in the setting “Remember that children notice and learn from your feelings, actions and reactions. You are a powerful source of learning for the child.”(Bruce, 2007, P157) I am always punctual this helps the children because if I always turn up late they may feel as though it is then okay for them to turn up late everyday when its not so if they see me on time everyday then they will do the same.

I am always respectful to the children and all the adults in my setting this will show the children that they need to do the same. To be respectful I need to speak appropriately to the teachers by never calling them by their first names in front of the children, accepting criticism that’s given to make and using this as a learning situation also using manners is respectful if I show the children that I use manners it will encourage them to use them.

Also to be a good role model I need to be helpful towards the teacher and the children. If they see the teacher asking me to do something and I say no they may say no when they are asked to do something so if I help the teacher when asked to do so it will encourage the children to help the children to help when asked. Also when the children have to tidy up I help them this shows them that if I can help them tidy up then they should help me it will also keep them on track tidying and not carrying on playing.

When in placement I should always make sure that I have good hygiene, washing my hands after going to the toilet and when they put hand sanitizer on before snack time I make sure that I put some on to. I also make sure that I dress appropriately making sure that my chest is covered up and...
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