Positive Response Action: the Ultimate Goal of Website Communication; Dimensions of Customer Value of Website Communication in Business-to-Business Relationships

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Positive Response Action: The ultimate goal of website communication

Understanding and knowing the audience is the key to delivering the message to them. The key to harnessing the Internet’s power is to understand all of the people with whom one will communicate with. Every website should have one overriding, generic entity goal to achieve positive response action. Both content and usability can be viewed as as cognitive ´triggers´, gateways to self-gratification and consequent PRA. Every website may be classified into one of three sender motivation categories: individual, strategic stakeholder communication, non-strategic communication.

Content of the article
Knowing the audience is important in every field and the key to the success, for example in marketing and public relations if you want to sell your product you need to know your customers’ needs and wants, and PR specialists need to know the audience too if they want their message to be delivered in a campaign or programme. And the key to a successful website is knowing the audence in the same way. If you know the audience you can deliver and present your message and information more efficiently and are more likely to achieve your goals. Positive response action should be the goal of a website otherwise there is no point of the site. Positive response action was defined by six website visitor positive outputs for example the time spent on the website which should tell if the visitor is satisfied but it could be also questioned, because maybe s/he is not satisfied and is spending longer time on the site because s/he can’ find the information s/he wanted.

Examples from practice
The objective of an individual’s website might simply be so s/he can say they have one: Many individuals and also companies have websites which are often half-finished and don’t contain a message and are just existing in the Internet. A website without a meaning could leave a wrong first impression of the company...
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