Positive Re Inforcement Essay

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Positive Reinforcement Essay

Positive impressions can really shape how a person perceives you or what you think of another person. By using positive reinforcement, especially when it may be un warranted, you can increase someone else’s self-esteem. Similarly, complimenting someone will likely cause them to have favorable impressions on you and possibly offer a compliment in return. For this assignment I emailed three of my teachers; my Statistics teacher, my Managerial Accounting teacher and my Managerial Economics teacher. In these emails I complimented these teachers on some different things they do that make learning in their class unique and enjoyable.

The first email I sent was to my Statistics teacher. There is a slight language barrier as my teacher is from a middle eastern country, however he does a good job with explaining things. He explains all of the subject matter very thoroughly and makes sure he gets the main concepts across. Since I’ve taken a few Calculus classes leading up to this one, I have a pretty good grasp of what is going on mathematically. The statistics part is kind of challenging but so far I am doing well.

This is what I emailed him.

My name is xxxxxxxxxxxx and I am in your MR Noon Statistics class. I just wanted to compliment you on the way you teach your class. You are very thorough in teaching the material and you make sure we understand all the concepts. This is a very difficult class to teach for you as english is not your first language but you seem to get across to us very well. The subject matter is still challenging but your teaching methods help me fully understand everything which makes it easier to perform better on homework, quizzes, and tests.


He then replied back to me saying that he appreciated the compliment and enjoyed teaching me as well.
The second email I sent was to my Managerial Accounting teacher. This class is pretty challenging and I did not know what to expect since...
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