Positive Psychology and Hardworking Guest Speaker

Topics: Positive psychology, Gratitude, Mama and papa Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: March 8, 2013

To our very enthusiastic and hardworking guest speaker, Roberto algauso,members of the board of trustee ,Our school directress mrs__________,Ptf president mr___________.members of the faculty,parents,my fellow graduates.a pleasant evening. It is with a great joy and honor that I stand before all of you this evening to deliver this speech with full of memories and appreciation .experience are endless on our elementary days.everyone showed off talents and brains as we enjoy ourselves .it was a bittersweet memories but all this was clouded with all fun and joy. Our 6years was when we realize that elementary indeed was different,more exciting and fun as other might say ,,, and this made us look forward to the next stops of this journey with great eagerness and enthusiasm . Our six years provide us a avenue to prove ourselves as we matured and committed to the greater responsibilities and task this was when we slowly felt that life will not always be about laughter ,games,joke time,triumph. Indeed ,six years in elementary seems to past swiftly,for soon we are to enter again another phase of life and faith.... Very soon we are encounter a much bigger world ..... The high school level...our dear alma matter who has not failed to equipped us the weapon necessary for us to face the greater schemes of things..we might not be able to experience the Same beautiful things again,but may these moments be treasured for they have served as our strong foundation into developing to who are at the moment.Iam glad beyond description to have spent the best year of my elementary life here.i am overwhelmed to have been part of the wonderful batch which has greatly contributed to the achievements of my aspiration in life. From the bottom of my heart,I thank the very dedicated teachers ,for devoting your time to teaching us ... thank you too for the knowledge and values you have imparted that have helped us to develop into who we are now,and who...
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