Positive Outlook

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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How my positive Outlook Benefits my Community
Outlook is a mental position with regard to a fact or state. Attitude reflects a tendency to classify objects and events and to react to them with some consistency. Attitude or outlook is imperceptible but inferred from the objective, evaluative responses a person makes. A positive outlook on life is essential to one’s own wellness and each of the wellness dimensions. A person with a positive outlook is always professionally satisfied, healthy, spiritually fulfilled, and is socially involved keeping a positive emotional-mental outlook. “Are there really benefits of a positive outlook on the society?" a cynical person might ask. But, the truth is a person’s positive outlook truly benefits the society as a whole. My strong belief is that my positive outlook will indubitably benefit my community. How?. The thought that I will do something good itself sets me in the arena of my positive outlook and strengthens my belief “I and my outlook” benefits my community. I want to be a harbinger of a change that helps my community. Positive attitude and self-perceptions help to deal with the hard situations and helps me achieve my goals in changing the world to a better place. Rewarding myself is an important indicator of high level of wellness and positive outlook which I have been doing. Some people, however, seem unable to give themselves credit for their life’s experiences. Of course, the adoption of positive lifestyles that encourage improved self-perceptions is also important. First of all who doesn’t like happiness? It is something we all like to see as people. Seeing one person happy usually makes many other people happy as well. One of the many ways to have positive outlook is smiling. As most people say “a smile can make a day”. Smiling to someone and making their day might not seem as much but it will give the happiness they want. It is also like a chain reaction and it will keep going. If my positive outlook showed...
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