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  • Published : October 5, 2012
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JOURNAL 1 (UNIT 1): Describe the most positive experience you have had with writing in the past. This can be an assignment for a class, something you wrote for work, or something you wrote to or for a friend or family member. Why was this a positive experience and how might it help you to remember this experience as you write for this class?

I can recall a couple semesters back there was this assignment that I had to craft for my Psychology class at Ball State, I was prompted to write a 4 paragraph monologue describing who I was as a person. Now at first this seemed like an elementary assignment to me, I was like no problem! I know myself better than anyone else! However as I started really thinking about the task at hand I found it to be quite the challenge. I had to step back and really think about who I was, not only about who I was as a person but who I was entirely. After much work and dedication my 4 page monologue ended up being a 7 paragraphed poem describing who I was as a beautiful free spirit who was proud of her richly formed heritage. From this experience I was able to appreciate myself better as to who I was, it also allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in ways I never thought possible. As a result from that carefully crafted piece of work I am now inspired to think outside the box and write like my life depends on it.
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