Positive Effects of Music Piracy

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  • Published : November 13, 2010
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Positive Effects
Access to older music no longer in print

Because of the way contracts are constructed, artists don’t own their own music–record labels do. So when artists that change labels, their new label is not allowed to produce the albums the artist made on the old label, and if the old label decides not to print anymore albums or release the songs, the music is effectively dead. Music downloading is the only way for most people to access these “dead” songs Creates devout music fans

Most music downloaders are teens that both have the time it takes to download mass amounts of music, and who also don’t have the money needed to buy albums. However, music downloading does create a love of music, that will carry over when teens become adults. And when that happens, they don’t have the time to download the same amount of music, as well as having the money to buy albums with, thereby increasing album sales in the long term. Experimentation with artists Greater Musical Diversity, greater record sales for lesser kown artists, greater concert attendance

81.87% of the entire music industry was controlled by 4 record companies, Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, EMI Group, and Warner Music Group in 2005 according to Neilson SoundScan (see pie chart for detailed data from this report). These are the labels that have the money to promote their artists through advertising, radio, and music videos.

But most artists aren’t signed to these labels, but smaller independent labels that don’t have as much money as the major labels. As a result, most artists don’t get any radio play, they don’t have ads, and their videos are of low quality and are usually not shown on television. Music downloading is great for lesser known artists to get the exposure they normally wouldn’t have. Most people won’t buy music they haven’t listened to. Music Piracy allows downloaders to experiment with unknown artists. This kind of experimentation cannot hurt...
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