Positive Effect of Peer Pressure

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I.TITLE Positive effect of peer pressure to teens

A.Background of the study
As children grow into preteens and then into teenagers, they often become less dependent on the family and more dependent on their peers when it comes to making choices and developing morals and values. Peer pressure can have a positive effect when it encourages teens to develop social skills necessary for adulthood. Unfortunately, negative behaviours tend to travel through groups of teenagers, either due to actual peer pressure or the perception of pressure from friends. By having a close relationship with your teen and by providing supervision, you may be able to reduce the negative effects of peer pressure.

Statement of the problem
Teens tend to get influenced by the lifestyle of their peers. Their thinking, their choices and their behaviors influenced them. They feel compelled to follow others. That’s peer pressure. It is beneficial to a certain extent. But its negative is more apparent. Peer pressure can be of two types, negative and positive. Negative peer pressure can be avoided. But the big question is, Can a negative peer pressure be reduced?

Peer pressure is not always bad. It can help you analyze yourself and contemplate on your ways of life. Some of the practices that the masses follow may actually teach you the way of living. You may be able to change yourself for the better. Looking at what others do, can help you bring about a positive change in your way of thinking. If you can pick selectively, peer pressure can actually result in a positive change in your way of life.

Knowing what the masses follow exposes you to the world outside your home. You understand the things going on around you. You are exposed to a wide variety in human behavior. Exposure to peer pressure gives you an opportunity to think about their...
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