Positive Body Image Regarding Adolescents

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  • Published: August 14, 2013
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Body Image
Adolescence Psychology 231
Instructor Susan Ellen Freyre
Student Irene Walker
Liberty University
April 11, 2013

Adolescence is a very difficult time for teenagers a time when there huge changes in the physical and mental development. The adolescent is faced with many images of how they think should look, through social media and magazine advertisements. When we think about body image, the media and society puts tremendous pressure on teenagers and adults to meet a certain criteria in order to have a positive body image. Unfortunately, many adolescents try to emulate the body images and styles they see on television, advertisements in magazine and internet. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the influences of an advertisement that is targeted toward the adolescent audience, and the teenage group. I discovered an interesting advertisement on a website called The STIR. The website can be found at http://thestir.cafemom.com/. The feature of this advertisement is, 8 T-Shirts You DON’T Want to See on Your Teen Daughter. T-Shirts appeal to all age groups because they are fun and comfortable to wear for many occasions. These particular T-shirts are designed for their shock value. The eight T-Shirt descriptions are as follows: 1.The female model wearing the green T-Shirt appears to be between 13-15years of age. The model posing on a park bench has long light brown hair is thin, with tan to light skin, and she is full breasted. The caption on the shirt is a recycle symbol and the words ‘’I Recycle Boys’’. 2. The second T-Shirt is white with big black painted lips on it and the words in red letters, with the caption, YOUNG & RESTLESS. 3. The third T-Shirt is black with caption I LOVE the SITUATION, written across the front of it. 4 T-Shirt numbers 4 is a red hearts back grounded, light purple shirt, with an ice cream Sunday, and a cherry on top of it. The words I’M A HOT MESS written across the body of the shirt. 5. The fifth T- shirt worn by a thin teenage girl with brown hair blowing in the wind. The shirt has the words A VIOLENT SENSUAL SENSITIVE GIRL. 5. The fifth T-Shirt is aqua marine with spider man in a white spider web. The words,’’ I MET MY BOYFRIEND ON THE WEB’’ are written on the entire body of the shirt. 6. Number six model is a Caucasian teenager with long brown hair about 17-18 years of age. She is wearing a black loose fitting T-Shirt with the words DRINK DRANK DRUNK, written in large bold letters across the body of the shirt. 7. The T- shirt number seven is modeled by from neck down, showing a tight fitting white V-necked shirt with the words MEET ME AFTER CLASS, written from the top of the shirt to the waist of the T-Shirt. 8. The eighth T-Shirt is modeled by a thin Caucasian model with shoulder length blond hair. She is modeling a red T-Shirt with bold white letters written across the chest area of the shirt. The words are REQUIRES CONSTANT SUPERVISION. The intended audience for the T-Shirt advertisement is for the female adolescent teenage group. The messages are both subliminal and overt. The marketer’s intentions for the T-shirt are to shock people when they read the message on them. The ad is sending an unhealthy body image to the opposite sex and to the public. The message overtly suggests that teenage girls are reckless, boy chasing, and constantly engaging in risky behaviors like drinking. Most parents and teens will show opposition to donning these T-sheets. As a Christian, to wearing this type of clothing is in opposition to living in God’s image. According to (Gen.2:27 KJV), “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female created he them’’. The advertisement appeals to a rebellious teen that wants to invite attention to her sexuality. Adolescents are very anxious to connect with their peers and may find wearing a shocking T-Shirt with...
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