Positive Aspects of Online Social Networking Outweigh the Negative

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  • Published : June 19, 2011
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Positive Aspects of Online Social Networking Outweigh the Negative
There is no one who can deny the importance of online social networking. It has tremendous influence on most people. Somebody asked, “What would your life be if the world didn’t have online social networking?” And people declared that their life would be meaningless without it. As we see the online social network has been used in every field from doctors, engineers, students, teachers to office staff working in any areas. Even though some people believe it is addicting, the positive aspects of online social networking outweigh the negative because it is an easier form of communication and it helps in study.

Online social networking sites have developed rapidly, and people use them in different ways, however, they can become addicted. They logging onto the Internet go to new spaces, and want to explore everything; and they don’t want to leave. They are spending more and more time without any reason. And “the trouble signs are all there. They don’t sleep enough, they don’t eat right, they’ve lost touch with their friends and their school performance has dropped off a cliff” (Cooney). The time students spend on studying is automatically reduced. There are many types of Internet addiction, but “the main types of Internet addiction are cybersex, online affairs, online gaming, compulsive surfing and even eBay addiction” (Manuel). Online game is the product of online social networking; this has significantly changed daily life. Many people are attacked and have wasted their time by the appeal of online game, instead of working, learning, caring for the household. They become addicted to a virtual world of online game.

Even though people can get addicted, but online social networking sites present us with excellent form to communicate. This is the first idea development. Most commonly, “Facebook, Tweeters, and MySpace spatial say they feel connected to more people, more rewardingly”...
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