Positive and Negative Speeches

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  • Published : February 12, 2012
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I can remember a positive, successful speaker right off my mind. I can remember her famous speeches and they way she spoke so clear because she was a profound teacher in my high school that I always looked up to. The way she depict her actions, movements, gestures, content, and delivery was well thought out and was very clear. Not only was she a well-known teacher, she was in charge of honor society and because of being the leader she was in charge of representing our high school and with that had to make many speeches. Even when she was in just a small classroom or a big auditorium, her speeches were well-known. When she spoke her words were very clear and she never mumbled. She was calm and stayed at the right pace when she was talking. Her posture was very good and she was focused on the group as a whole. Her skill level was very high so many people paid attention to her for that reason and the reason that everything was very organized. In her class, she made cues to when we should write notes that she didn’t necessarily write on the board and made it very clear to what the most important facts were altogether. I remember one of her speeches at a veterans assemble and it will always stick with me. She was very good at making her point and demonstrating who veterans were and why we should support them. She wasn’t overly excited or too sad. She once again stayed focus and looked straight at the audience. She never once looked down at the podium to look at notes. She knew what she wanted to say and everyone, including the veterans was very grateful for her speech. She should be an example of someone who knew exactly how to speak to groups or just one person for that matter. She was definitely a positive speaker whose speeches were amazing. Negative:

One speech that stood out the most of all the speeches that I’ve heard was very negative. This speech happened to be by the author of a book we had to read for IDS class. After reading the mostly...
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