Positive and Negative Impact Effect of the Tourism

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Assessment 1

The term of “workforce diversity” meant by diversity was describes a wide spectrum of between people. A person’s sexual preference, disability status, or many other characteristics may those reason cause the individual level to be perceived as different. The meaning of the characteristics, for example races, ageing, and also gender. Its simply meaning of Diversity means differences, example difference of age, sex, race, religion and culture etc above example are what we mention. People with different demographic different working in the organization makes diverse workforce. Its will become more important part for the organizations about these differences and how to manage it. Demographics trends in the labor force and their managerial implications. Firms that can manage employee diversity effectively, and do it better than other firms, are likely to enjoy a competitive advantage. Managers should avoid make any inferences about a specific individual issue based on demographics group changes characteristics. People of differences backgrounds possess different attitudes and values. Cultural differences determine the observed differences in work attitudes. Another question would be migration. Migration does not change the population globally; it does significantly shift individual countries’ demographics. Reasons for people to shift are: search for a better life, better job opportunities, personal freedoms or more education. (R.GOMEZ-Mejia)

These following are shown about the four management function. Planning
According to Gomez-Mezia.Balkin, 2012, planning and strategizing are designed to lead the company to fulfill its mission which includes setting future objectives and map out necessary actions to achieve those objectives. Managers from the strategic level are usually the ones engaged in the planning and organizing functions of management. By setting objectives that the organization wants to accomplish, management is able to plan for specific actions needed to achieve the objectives. Then from there onwards, allocate necessary resources to carry out the specific action and in the process provide them with the implementation guidelines of how the actions should be carried out. The goals can be perceived as follows:

* To recover the pharmaceutical from losses
* To increase employee commitment to the pharmaceutical
* Emphasize on the status between each level of management * To implement better system and policies
* Improve poor performance of employees.

With the goals and objectives in mind, comes the process of organizing. Organizing as defined by...
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