Positive and Negative Groups Influences

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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Positive and negative ways in which groups can influence people

Wednesday 24th November

Feeling part of something, belonging
Conformity can be both positive and negative. Positive for the greater good of all people and negative because sometimes people might not want to do what the group are doing but will do it for various reasons ie… Group Loyalty, solidarity and co operation - robbers cave

Page 103

“Cult bonds are often created through such factors as the emotional attachment to the group and fear of powerful leaders making people feel dependent on the group” - Margaret Singer Prejudice against other groups evidence: “People want to feel their own group (and therefore themselves) as being better than other groups” - Starting with Psychology (2010) Group pressure

Deindividuation - diminished self-awareness and self-restraint and increased responsiveness to the immediate situation either positive or negative. Research
Social Identity Theory - Tajfel and Turner (1979)
Robbers cave & Kondo

Activity 30
1. Kondo acquires many different social roles such as conflicting culture roles Japanese & American. Also social roles such as a student or her social roles with the family of whom she stayed with the guest/daughter role. During her stay with the Sakamoto family Kondo also was a young woman so I guess with that was also expected to help around the house

2. Kondo explains different social expectations of a young Japanese woman for example, she comments on her clumsy Western ways and how her teacher commented on how worried they were but Kondo seems to have adapted very well. Also, Mr Sakamoto comments on young people not showing respect so Kondo may feel that she must show her respect especially with greeting him in such a Japanese way that is expected in the Japanese culture. As a young woman in Japan it seems that they look after the house and the children although their was no mention to Kondo looking after the...
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