Positive and Negative Aspects of Money in Sport

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  • Published : January 18, 2011
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Team work and co-ordination skills can be developed through playing sports. We often play sports which involve many participants, such as volleyball, football etc, while playing, good relationships can be closely developed.

People engaged in sports are less likely to indulge in bad habits. Since a sportsman makes lots of effort and time in order to get good performance, they will not have much spare time to consider indulging in bad habits, such as gambling, committing crime or taking drugs etc.

Sports are never be bad, unless they abuse it. Some put too much emphasis on the ultimate goal . They forget the real sportsmanship, which values one’s best effort made but not winning or losing the game. Some athletes in international events may even take drugs in order to get a better performance, which is forbidden ! They are just cheating themselves and the audience.

Some may use sports as a means to achieve physical fitness or slimming down their bodies. The problem emerges if a lot of money is spent. Some fitness centers, charge a high subscription in order to gain access to use their facilities. Besides, over playing of sports is harmful to our health. In this case, sports are no longer seen to be good.

Gambling through sports is gaining more and more popular now. As a matter of fact, once football betting was legalized, more people are engaged in this activity. Indeed, many people wanted to use sports as a way to gain money but end up in losing it.
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