Positionning Analysis Herborist

Topics: Marketing, Middle age, Old age Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Herborist determined high-end
positioning in the market from the beginning, and thus formed a complete set of brand-building system, use the herbal beauty theory concept as core characteristic, with "store + Spa + counter" trinity marketing network, member activities and member publications as the carrier to establish customer relationships. They also combined fresh and natural factors, highly China culture and advertising style.

Segment of customers : (for Europe : France and Italia )

The respondents are divided into four age groups. The division of age group is based on the situation of their skin. Young people under 17 years need only basic cosmetic care for their skins. The people at the age group from 18 to 25 years need deep cosmetic care for their skin because their skin is changing to mature skin. The ages from 26 to 35 need deeper cosmetic care because their skin already needs special treatment to maintain youthful appearance. The ages over 36 years old need overall cosmetic care to prevent any damages caused by growing old. The survey results show the main age groups of respondents are the age covering from 18 to 25 and from 26 to 35, in which the number of respondents is 151 and 187. Next age group is over 36 years old and the number of respondents is 98. And the number of respondents in age group under 17 is 20. This chart shows that the main age groups of respondents are the age covering from 18 to 25 and from 26 to 35. So the young and the middle-aged people pay more attention to cosmetics products than other age groups. They are the main consumer group for cosmetic industry. Thus, they could be the target customer group for Herborist.

These figures can help to find out the potential consumers’ average monthly incomes and it would be useful for Herborist to make reasonable product price.

The results show that the most common places to buy the cosmetics are cosmetics counters and supermarkets which have separately 145 and 137...
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