Positioning: the Battle for Your Mind by: Al Ries & Jack Trout

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You know that you and your company are special, but your potential customers won't know unless you tell them. It's more than just showing the features of your products; you've got to explain the benefits--exactly how that product or service will relieve an operational headache, fulfill a yearning, or in some other fashion satisfy a need that the customer has.

Differentiation is the collection of differences in features and benefits versus competitive products. The key is to determine how important these collective differences are to buyers and then communicate them to potential buyers through your entire arsenal of marketing tools, from distribution to packaging.

It is said that if ‘Positioning’ works in advertising it would most likely work in politics, religion or any other activity that requires mass communication.

Positioning Defined

Positioning starts with a product, a piece of merchandise, a service, a company, an institution, or even a person- perhaps yourself!

Positioning is not what you do to a product. It is what you do to the mind of the prospect. It is about how you position the product in the mind of the prospect.

Understanding Positioning

Positioning :
lays out the rules of marketing in terms of dealing with the minds of your customers and prospects. The mind is the ultimate battleground in all marketing wars. it deals with:
the importance of being first,
starting new categories,
repositioning the competition,
the importance of the name and the need to sacrifice and focus your efforts. Anyone can use positioning strategy to win.
A person is capable of receiving only a limited amount of sensation. Beyond a certain point, the brain goes blank and refuses to function normally. One must oversimplify the message. To cope with complexity, people have learned to simplify almost everything. By focusing on the customer rather than the product....you learn principles and concepts that can greatly increase your communication effectiveness.

The Oversimplified Message
The best approach to take in our over-communicated society is oversimplified message. The Mantra is “Less is More”.
One needs to sharpen the message to cut into the mind.
Thanda matlab…….

The Assault on the Mind
The Media Explosion
Each new medium did not replace an existing medium. Rather, each medium changed and modified all the previous media. This is the reason why our messages keep getting lost.

The Product Explosion
Another reason our messages keep getting lost is the number of products we have invented to take care of our physical and mental needs.

Getting into the Mind
The Mantra “Saying the right things to the right person at the right time.” The Easy Way into a person’s mind is to be first. Eg-
1st Indian to reach Moon-Rakesh Sharma
1st Indian to climb Mount Everest- Tenzing Norgay
Brand Loyalty, Marriage-You get there first and then be careful not to give them a reason to switch If you or your product is not first then POSITIONING STRATEGIES will have to be used.

Little Ladders in Our Head
To cope with our overcommunicated society, people have learned to rank products on mental ladders.

For every product Category,
a prospect tends to have a
ladder in his or her mind with
the leader on the top rung,
No. 2 on the second rung &
so on up-to a maximum of 7.

Moving up the ladder is difficult therefore an advertiser of a new product must carry a new ladder, eg: Tubeless tire, Lead Free petrol

Positioning of a Leader
History shows that the first brand into the brain on an average gets twice the long term market share of the No.2 brand. Eg: Coco Cola outsells Pepsi
General Motors outsells Ford
Xerox Photocopier outsells IBM Photocopier
Leaders should use their short-term flexibility to assure themselves of a stable long-term future by following the strategies. No need for the leader to scream “we’re no.1”.
Reinforce the original concept-...
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