Position Paper of Economic and Social Council

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Position Paper of Economic and Social Council

By | October 2012
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Position Paper of Economic and Social council

Delegates: Luo Jing, Wang Ya
School: Renmin University of China
Country: India
Committee: Economic and Social Council
Topic: Exploitation and Protection of Ocean

Exploring and protecting ocean has always been a complicated matter on a world-wide scale. The world population has grown at a high speed. At the same time, the land resources have reduced, and the land development space has narrowed. All these three factors pose a great pressure on marine resources. To meet the increasing needs of resources, it is obvious that, in 21st century, developing the ocean has become an important direction for social development and sustainable utilization of resources. But the worse is, though the ocean economic has grown rapidly, marine ecological destruction and environmental pollution is also increasingly serious, especially for offshore pollution and high sea fishery. Besides nature issues, also brings disputes among countries. Fortunately, both international organizations and many countries have been making efforts to cope with those problems.

Looking back the history, measures have been taken by international organizations in improving international institutions related to marine issues. For instant: [1] In 1982, the United Nations released United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea which set two restrictions on the freedom of fishing on the high seas to protect marine resources; In 1992, Fishery Meeting, held in Cancun, Mexico, released Declaration of Cancun 1992 which came up with the Responsible Fishing; In 1996, International Convention Relating to Intervention on the High Seas in Cases of Oil Pollution Casualties is one of them. Also, actions have been taken by International Maritime Organization (IMO) in recent years to protect marine resources. For example:[2] Every year IMO celebrates World Maritime Day; The International Maritime Prize is awarded annually by the IMO Council; The one of most...

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