Position Paper: Corporate Affairs vs Corporate Marketing

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Key Questions and Key Constructs for the Corporate Marketing Function4

Internal Communications6
External Communications6
Investor Relations6
Events Coordination6
The work of Corporate Affairs in a retail organization7





“Corporate marketing is the marketing of corporations, government entities, non-profit organizations and so forth. It includes efforts such as corporate branding and corporate communications.

Professionals in corporate marketing use a variety of media. One recent trend in corporate marketing has been the use of social media.

Many companies hire in-house corporate marketing professionals to form a corporate marketing group to help the firm build awareness of its different brands.

A corporate marketing manager creates, executes and supervises initiatives that describe and promote a company. In addition, a corporate marketing manager might help shape a company’s strategy, attend conferences to gather market intelligence, and manage or train staff.”


“Corporate marketing has a general applicability to entities, whether they are corporations as well as other categories such as business alliances, cities, government bodies and departments, or branches of the armed forces and so on. It is concerned with organizational level issues relating to the marketing of the organization, while also considering the interaction between its various products and services with various stakeholders. For example, for clients of consumer psychology, identity and behaviour are also considered to have a part to play.

This started on the concern with corporate image during the 1950's and 1960's and the current interest in corporate brands which dates back to 1995.

This is also reflected in the special editions of the European Journal of Marketing that have appeared in 1997, 2001, 2003 and 2006 which have focused on concepts such as corporate identity, corporate brands, corporate communications, corporate image and corporate reputation. These special editions have provided a forum for different ontological and epistemological issues to be aired relating to the above. Balmer J.M.T. and Powell. S., 2008

Key Questions and Key Constructs for the Corporate Marketing Function

“The current cross-fertilisation taking place among the various literatures on the broad area of identity studies has led the author to the conclusion that, in time, these distinct strands are likely to coalesce and give rise to a new cognitive area of management called corporate marketing.

The final interdisciplinary approach represents the author’s view that business identity studies will form the keystone of corporate marketing.”

John M.T. Balmer, European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 35 No. 3/4, 2001

“Corporate marketing is responsible for branding and advertising corporate initiatives; to track and analyze program results and come up with recommendations.

The corporate marketing manager analyzes, identifies and defines major market opportunities, spearheads new & existing product development to ensure a unique competitive and brand differentiation advantage.

S/he works with internal and external teams to deploy integrated marketing strategy and must exhibit broad organizational influence to implement, track, and measure marketing tactics and programs for relevant marketing initiative.

JobStreet SELECT


“Corporate Affairs is essentially about Communication.

Communication at all levels and about all relevant issues is fundamental to a company's competitive advantage. There are many changes in the market and companies need to be aware of them. Through...
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