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1.1Background of the Study

Nowadays, technology, especially computers is commonly used in our daily lives. It is used to send electronic mail or email, can connect to internet, can balance business transactions and capable in performing calculations and instructions faster with less errors that a human can do.

Most of the transactions today are supported and handled by technologies. Computer machineries are designed to do mathematical. Complex, and analytical problems rapidly, making the consumers not to wait for so long and the users can perform their job faster.

In the past years, most of the businesses used manual system for their business transaction. This manual process causes so much delay and can build up long lines on the part of the customers because as soon as it build ups the transaction cannot speed up.

Today, the researchers are developing a Point of Sale (POS) System that will help a lot on the business transaction of Bake N’ Churn Bakeshop. This system can save time, money and effort in the transaction processes. It can also help to make the transaction speed up and hassle free. 1.2Statement of the problem

1.2.1 General problem
What system can be developed that will improved the business transaction of the Bake N’ Churn? 1.2.2 Specific Problem
How to develop a system that makes it possible to determine the cost value of the product? How to develop a system that will allow business transaction to perform faster and easier process? How to develop a system that will allow the staff of Bake N’ Churn and the customer to see the data if necessary or needed? 1.3Objectives of the Study

1.3.1 General Objective
The main purpose of the study is to develop a point of Sale System for the Bake N’ Churn that will improve their business transaction. 1.3.2 Specific Objectives
To develop system features that will determine the cost value of the products. •To develop a system that will allow the business transaction to perform faster and easier process. •To develop a system that will allow the staff of Bake N’ Churn and the customers to see the business transaction data if necessary or needed. 1.4 Significance of the Study

This study is all about the Point of Sale system for the Bake N’ Churn that will help the people involved in the company. •For the Company
The main beneficiary of this study is the Bake N’ Churn Bakeshop. Bake N’ Churn would be adopting the new innovation of the technology that will make their work performance better. The developed system will be the answer to the main problems of the company when it comes to their business transactions. •For the Customers

The developed system will lessen the time when making customer transactions and they would not have to worry about incorrect input, output or receipt. The customers will benefit by means of not having a hard time to fall in line and wait for their turn to order and pay for their orders and give faster and easier way of ordering. By the used of the develop system the customers will just say what they want, check what items they will buy, get their receipt on time, get the items they ordered , and pay the amount of their orders. •For the Future Researchers

The study may help them a lot in creating better system for the Bake N’ Churn in the future.

For the Bake N’ Churn Staff
This research will benefit the staffs of Bake N’ Churn to achieve monitoring of business flow from minimizing errors and avoiding data lost especially on transactions of their existing manual system. With the used of this system they will know the different products that are sold or not or if it is recorded or not. Also the study will help the employees to have an accurate report of the sale status. They don’t need to write on a notebook or any paper the products they sold because they can get it to the database of the said system. 1.5 Scope and Limitation

The following are the Scopes of the system:
The developed system...
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