Pos for a Botika

Topics: Inventory, Computer, Computing Pages: 6 (2136 words) Published: March 13, 2013
This chapter includes the introduction of the proposed system, its significance and benefits. It also discusses about the difference between existing system and the proposed system, about how important the proposed system is. Introduction

Nowadays, computers can be seen everywhere like in schools, offices, and at home. This simply tells that our country has a state of the art technology that apparently brings our nation towards development and excellence of various aspects. Hence, communications can be made using a computer. And in consonance, it is one of the most common ways to interact today. Even most of the transactions are done using a computer, this device or machine that is used in making calculations or controlling operations that expressible in numerical or logical terms still have issues that can be controlled in different ways. It could store data, programs and retrieve information from its memory and it needs a computer system which is necessary to make the computer function. The largest growth in most economies is coming from 'information' industries. The success of such knowledge-based organizations lies in their information systems. Also, it is forced by technological changes and globalization of markets where many manufacturing industries are also placing increasing emphasis upon Information Systems The proponents are proposing a Computer-Based Sales and Inventory System Using barcode for Papa & Mama Botika. It will not only help them manage the inventory which is a vital part in all businesses; it will also become an asset to their business. As we all know, we have a very fierce competition in the business of a pharmacy, thus, a system will help them monitor all of their inventories and will lead them to satisfy all of their customers. Stock maintenance, inventory management, suppliers scheduling, delivery, transactions are involved in daily businesses. A company that uses manual inventory system spent more time in tracking records, products information, inventory etc. Usually having more manpower will solve this but with extra expenses. Having an automation of the system will solve this and can result for a higher rate of efficiency and lessens if not eliminate business-related errors. Background of the Study

On September 28, 2010, Papa & Mama Botika located in Balong Bato, Quezon City was founded by Mr. Hanz Sy. Their office hour starts from 7:00am to 11:00pm everyday and an additional hour for encoding all the sales transaction that has been made on that day in the computer. They sell seven hundred seventy two (772) for drugs and six hundred fourteen (614) for groceries. The owner who manages this business has employees that composed of his assistant and the 2 pharmacists. Their supply transaction starts by creating list of orders using a computer, print it out, call the supplier, then send it using a fax machine. Their product supplied by two drugs store named MEEDPHARMA and SALIAH PHARMA. The supplier will deliver the ordered products not more than a week after the day of ordering. Upon receiving the ordered products, the pharmacist will now check the products ordered if they are in good shape, if not they will return them to the supplier. They also check if it is in exact quantity based on their purchased order and delivery receipt. After checking the delivered products, full payments are made every end of the month for the new supplier while the old ones have a terms of payment of 15 days or 30 days. The pharmacist, with the help of the assistant of the owner, will now put the products to their stock room. After storing the products, they will now replenish their shelves. During the end of the month, the owner of Papa & Mama Botika goes to the supplier to pay their corresponding bills. For generic medicines, the owner purchases it by going to their supplier. They have the list of the generic medicine that needs to be bought then pays it at the...
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