Portrayal of Love in Art

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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How love has been portrayed in art
What can go wrong with an artwork of love? Now and days love has such a power effect on people. Every day people do the craziest things because of love. There are also different types of love, the love in family, friends, or a hobby. Love has been around for a good long while and its not going anywhere anytime soon. Even back then artists would make beautiful sculptures and paintings of the feeling of love, and today is the day you will see how artists put love into their on hands, literally.

The first artwork dates back from 1503 by Bernhard Strigel. He called his artwork the “Pair of lovers with the Devil and Cupid.” He painted this during the Renaissance period and at that time the Catholic Church was spreading like a virus. People knew there were bad things and good things in life. But putting them together was out of the question. Strigel did a clever thing when he drew this artwork. It opened up different types of thoughts of the religion. The next artwork is dated back from 1716, during the Common Era, by Antonie Watteau called “The Love Lesson.” This painting describes how the girls sitting down have a love for the Spanish music the man is playing. This painting shows a different type of love for music. Not for a human being, but for something that sounds so beautiful and that is truly something someone can love. The third painting dates by to 1771 by Jean Honore Fragonard. His artwork was called “The Progress of Love: The Meeting.” This painting is about King Louis XV and his last mistress. Its about the cuteness on how King Louis XV proposal to his future fiancé with a rose. This is a perfect example of love. It’s young, fun, and exciting just like the love in this generation. The forth painting dates back to 1797 by William Blake. He’s artwork is called Young's Night Thoughts, Page 37, "Love, and love only, is the loan for love.” There is not much information of this painting, but reading the passage in the...
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