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Portrayal of Community Life in Babette's Feast

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Portrayal of Community Life in Babette's Feast

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Babette’s Feast, in my point of view, is a spiritual movie in which one can discover many essential dimensions of Christian life such as community life, self-sacrifice, communion and love. Among such dimensions, community life according to me is the nucleus of Christian life. Therefore, in this paper, I would like to analyze this dimension and other related elements from the light of the movie. The movie revolves around the chief character, Babette, who flees from France and takes refuge with two elderly sisters who run a Lutheran church in Denmark. She served as the key-contributor towards building community in the life of the villagers. Second major characters were the two sisters namely Martina and Philippa. Community Meal as Re-doing of Last Supper

“Do this in memory of me”. Sharing in the community meal is another essential dimension within Christian community life. The Catholics emphasize on the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, while the Lutherans focus on the communitarian dimension of the participants. Whatever may be the focus of attention, a meal or Eucharist is meant to build community life. Meal has been a significant aspect of people’s life all through history and has the power of transforming people. The Eucharist, the most exalted of all sacraments is essentially a meal, like the one that Jesus shared with his disciples at the Last Supper. It serves to unite us, not only us with God, but also with one another. Thus, life and Eucharist and closely linked and one cannot be authentic without the other. Union with God

“The whole group of those who believed was of one heart and soul… everything they owned was held in common.” (Acts 4: 32) The community of life of the early Christians is, at least to certain extent, was reflected in the Lutheran Community of the Denmark-village. Day by day, the apostolic community spent much time together in the temple; they broke bread at home and ate...

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