Portrait Photography

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Portrait Photography the humble beginings

Portrait photography was born when Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce, father of photography and first-ever portrait photographer, successfully set an image onto a metal plate in 1827. Later, in 1844, photography made its way to China, courtesy of Jules Itier of France. The rest is portrait photography history.   

In 1885, George Eastman created paper film. Later, in 1889, he fabricated the more recognizable celluloid film. His first camera, a box-shaped contraption with a fixed-focus lens and one shutter speed, was called a Kodak and hit shelves in 1888. It was the first to be affordable enough to charm the typical consumer.   

Unlike the digital devices used by today’s portrait photographer at Arts Photography, the Kodak was sold preloaded with 100-exposure film. Once filled, it was sent to the factory for developing and reloading. By 1900, several Kodak models were available, including folding varieties.   

At Arts Photography, each portrait photographer acknowledges how far we’ve come in our portrait photography capabilities, while appreciating the feats accomplished by the pioneers of our field. Photographic technology is moving at light speed, giving today’s portrait photographer bountiful options when creating visual art that is both accessible and unlike anything our clients have ever seen.    

Just try, for a moment, to imagine our world without portrait photography…or any type of photography. Faces would be lost. Posterity would be scarred. Entire generations might be forgotten. Every portrait photographer at Arts Photography cherishes the gift that is portrait photography and Endeavour’s to bring you the very best of this ever-evolving art form.
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