Portrait Painting and Cream White Plaster

Topics: Hudson River School, John Singer Sargent, Portrait painting Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Going to the RISD art museum happened to be a little more hassle than we expected it to be. I went there first with Tom on Friday the 22nd and we got there 4:45 which happened to be 15 min before closing. So we had to go home and come back on Tuesday the 26th. Once we finally got in it was very nice, we started on floor 3. The part we started on had very modern architecture with cream white plaster walls and cement floors with lighting from above. The lighting lit the pieces very well as it should and sort of acted like the sun. The architecture fit most of the art that was on this floor because it was more recently done and looked very modern. The staff and students had many pieces in this section.

One piece that got my attention was Lenny Long’s “Don’t Harsh My Mellow… Man!” It was made with watercolor and gouache. Lenny Long is a professor at the Rhode Island School of Design. Even though he is not a renowned artist his work is still very interesting and grabbed my attention. The painting looked like it was made up of thousands of dots. Everything was dotted in bright colors and featured alien looking creatures flying around and moving about. Even the plant life looked like it was strait out of Avatar the movie. Everything seemed to be in movement, it reminded me of like a photograph of Time Square New York. Everything is in movement but the painting captures a moment where you can look at it for hours and still find something you haven’t scene. This painting looks very hippy like something that you would find from the 60’s. The thousands of dots that were put into this work made me appreciate it a lot more. Many, many hours must have been put into this piece. Even though it wasn’t made in the 1600’s its still a good work of art.

Another piece that I really liked was a piece by Thomas Cole. It was called Landscape (Landscape with tree trunks) made in 1828 and it’s an oil painting painted on canvas. Thomas Cole was an English born artist. He founded the...
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