Portman Hotel

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1.What is the strategy of the hotel? It is appropriate? It is possible?

The strategy of the Portman Hotel is to achieve a new level of service among American luxury hotels. They started with these standards when they found a spectacular niche in the hotel sector. The niche was a revolution in guest services based in Hong Kong style: “To bring Asian standards of the hospitality to the U.S” Base on his goal, Patrick Mene, vice president and managing director of the Portman Hotel, wrote the operating plans for the hotel (providing high quality at affordable rates, and to do this quickly and against strong competition). Anyway, the key to get a competitive difference for the hotel are the PVs (Personal Valets) because no other American hotel had anything similar. And also, the key to the business strategy was unparalleled service but is strongly connected with the above key because PVs are the “instrument” to achieve this one.

The strategy is totally appropriate because the differentiation is the hotel main goal, and of course, to create a competitive advantage. They want to make the hotel the most fulfilling, fun work experience that anyone on the staff has ever had, they want to be the best employer in San Francisco (helping each person to grow personally and professionally).

On the other hand, the strategy is absolutely possible with a high-quality human resource management to motivate the employees to do their work the best possible way through:

Associate contract (bill of rights): “Between the contract and the associate´s handbook and the orientation we give them, they know their rights”

Organization: the organization of the hotel sought to maximize service while minimizing management overhead. They put more employees in front of the guests. Portman Hotel tries to motivate the employee’s trough autonomy, flexibility in their tasks and more responsibility.

Recruiting: good recruiting was crucial to the Portman´s strategy; they...
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