Portfolio: Teacher and Internship Period

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Student name: Adila shaheen
Reg #: 161-FSS/BED/S12

Course Code: ED-125

Course Name: Short term Internship

University Supervisor: Madam Fouzia Ajmal

Department of Education

Faculty of Social Sciences

International Islamic University Islamabad

Internship Start: 4th December

Internship Finish: 13th December
School Supervisor’s Name: Madam Nabila
Institution’s name: Anam Montessori & School I-10/2 Islamabad

Introduction of the Institution

Anam School System has been working since 14th August 1992. It has four campuses & one degree college.
Islamabad campus I-10/2 started in 2009.
Director of this campus is Shoukat Mahmood Bhatti.
Pre classes 1, 2 & 3.
Primary classes 1 to 5.
There are 8 staff members in Islamabad campus I-10/2.
Works Completed

List of work that was assigned me during Internship Period are as follows:

* Organizational structure of School.
* Academic Calendar
* Time table making and Implementation
* Day Mistress duty ( Break Duty)
* Record keeping, students, classes, teachers
* Public dealing
* Co-curricular activities
* Morning assembly
* Admission and withdrawals
* Accounts, Fee etc
* Maintaining discipline
* Cleanliness checking
* Art work/decoration of classes/offices
* Conduction of Exams/tests/date sheet
* Library and labs records
* Maintenance office documentations
* Parent- Teacher meetings etc.

A Brief Executive Summary of the internship

Summary Report

The activities performed by me during the internship period include the Academic calendar, maintenance of discipline in the classes and at Morning Assembly; working on Computer for printing proposed time-table; observing how teachers deal with parents; dealing with a few parents myself; doing Art work and decorating notice-board, and Crafts Week; performing ‘ Day Mistress duty’ during the ‘ Break period’; Checking Cleanliness in Classrooms; using Teachers Attendance Registers;; and helping school teachers in writing and children’s diaries. By performing the above activities, I have learnt a lot about the teacher’s job and have enjoyed my internship period. I enjoyed particularly, the Art work that I performed there and learn how to decorate notice boards. Similarly I enjoyed working on Computer for printing information about school time-table and school-examinations. I also learnt the importance of maintaining discipline in classes and school premises. I also had the first-hand knowledge of tackling certain ‘difficult and careless children’. I observed keenly how the school principal and teachers handle different situations of children in the school and how to provide them with facilities like water and how to keep them busy in their studies. I was much impressed by the observation of a "Cleanliness Day" and this showed the importance of maintaining Cleanliness in the Class-rooms and the children. Thus, in the end, I would just say that the knowledge I gained by this experience of internship has confirmed what I learnt in the Classes at University and has given me vast practical knowledge of a teacher's work.

Daily Reflections:

1st Day
Date: December 4th, 2012
Day: Tuesday

It was my first day at school Principal introduced herself with me. After this introduction she told me about the school briefly. We started work from academic calendar. In academic calendar the first thing she told me is booklist. She showed me the different booklists of whole classes. The 2nd thing in academic calendar is division of working days. She told me how to divide working days. The study period of school is April 2013 to March 2014. I divide working days that are 162. I divide these 162 days in two terms that are 81 days. She gave me the list of subjects and told me about date sheet. I make date sheet of 1st & 2nd term. She showed me the school timings. School timing in...
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