Portfolio on Counselling Observation

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A portfolio has diverse meaning and purpose to different people and situations. For instance in the teaching field, a portfolio would be, according to Collins (1991), “they will document how education programmes have enhanced the learning and teaching of practicing and prospective teachers who have participated….” Spandel and Gulham (2002) rightly defines a portfolio as, “a collection of one’s achievements or growth.” It sets out to find out what one claims to know, what skills have been acquired over a period of time. A portfolio is a more structured assessment instrument that is based on activities that represent actual progress and reflects real life situations. Paulson, Paulson & Meyer (1991) reiterates by saying, “it is a purposeful collection of student’s work that exhibits the student’s efforts, progress and achievements in one or more areas of the curriculum.”

In the writers situation the portfolio will provide evidence of learning outcomes, experiences and a cohesion of the counseling theories and practice principles learnt.

The portfolio consists of 3 cases among 5 cases, which were observed at Musasa Project, which is an organization that takes the responsibility of eradicating domestic violence where the trainee counselor is employed as an administrator.

Musasa project is a non-governmental organization established in 1988, this was in response to the high rate of domestic violence incidences in Zimbabwe.

Their vision is to have a society where women live free from domestic violence and can fully participate in development. Among other activities carried out at Musasa Project, they provide counselling services to alleviate the suffering of women and children from domestic violence.

Musasa gets referrals from the Police, Courts, other networking organisations and self-referrals who get to know about Musasa Project through the media, press, relatives, friends and neighbours.

Also included in the portfolio are memos of attachment requests, meeting minutes on the attachment and any other relevant documents.

Please note that pseudo names and addresses to protect clients’ privacy will be used and each client who would have agreed for the trainee counsellor to observe their session will be asked for permission to document for the purposes of the portfolio.


The portfolio as an agent of growth in counseling has objectives that need to be fulfilled, some of them are as follows: i.Portfolio
a.To provide the opportunity for the trainee counselor to demonstrate what they know and are able to do in a manner that reflects different aspects of counseling. b.To record particular learning experiences of the trainee counselor. With reflective reports that reflect the trainee’s approach to utilization of theory and practice.

ii.Student - trainee counselor
a.To utilize the learning process so as to acquire knowledge and experience in the counseling field. b.To formulate and present a document that will facilitate assessment in confidence and growth in counseling. c.To learn and identify counseling theories and practices in sessions through observations.



1.CASE 1
1.1.Client’s Particulars

Name:Nokuthula Ndlovu
Date of Birth:14 February 1968
Marital Status:Married
Occupational status:Vendor – selling vegetables
Employment status:Not employed
Standard of education:‘O’ Level
Residential address:70369 Phelandaba, Bulawayo
Referral agent:Media – radio
1.2Referral Details
Musasa Project has some radio programs where they inform the public on a variety of issues pertaining to Gender Based Violence with an emphasis on domestic violence. These programs are normally question and answer sessions and a lot of information is disseminated. Some of the issues discussed are the domestic violence act and how it is used as an instrument in...
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