Portfolio Analysis of Square

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Case Study: Portfolio Analysis of Square Toiletries Limited

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Fatin Khandoker

Ashraful Hassan Ashik

Towhida Tasnim

Rukhsar Sanjaree Nawaz

Jafrin Ahmed Adiba

Square is a well-renowned brand in Bangladesh. It provides a wide range of markets with various products and services. It operates various sectors and one of them being Square Toiletries Limited. The Boston Consulting Group Approach (BCG Matrix) is the method by which a company identifies what makes up their portfolio. BCG Matrix helps to process the portfolio and analyze its product’s attractiveness. The company can then decide whether to refrain from or invest into the product or brand. In this case, Square Toiletries Limited is represented by four brands in four different markets. They are Meril Splash in the beauty soap market, Chaka in the washing powder market, Freshgel in the toothpaste market and finally Senora in the sanitary napkin market. As assigned by the Square Toiletries Limited, our analysis of the given products in relation to the BCG Matrix is given below:

On the vertical axis, the market growth rate provides a measure of attractiveness. On the horizontal axis, the relative market share serves as a measure of company strength in the market. STAR: Square Toiletries Limited has a sanitary napkin under which comes the brand ‘Senora’. Senora holds 60% of the market share in terms of volume, which is much higher than any other competitive sanitary napkin brands in the market. It also has a high market growth. Senora can be considered as a star product of Square Toiletries Limited as it has both a high market growth as well as a high share in the market. Thus Senora requires a high amount of investment to sustain their attractiveness in the market as its competitors are international brands. CASH-COWS: In the matrix shown on the previous page, Chaka washing-powder can be considered the cash-cows of Square Toiletries Limited. Cash-cows are low-growth,...
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