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1.0 Evaluation of two presentations3
1.1 First presenter and topic3
1.2 Summary3
1.3 Praise and critique4
1.4 Second presenter and topic4
1.5 Summary4
1.6 Praise and critique5
2.0 Own presenation5
2.1 Article name5
2.2 Article summary5
3.0 Evaluation of a debate5
3.1 Opening vote5
3.2 Summary of arguments5
3.3 Own opinion5
3.4 Final Vote5
4.0 Two TV reports5
4.1 Tv report:6
4.2 Tv report:6
5.0 Two Ted reports6
5.1 Ted report: 10 top time-saving tech tips (david Pogue)6
5.2 Ted report:6
6.0 Self evalution6
7.0 Course evalution6

1.0 Evaluation of two presentations

1.1 First presenter and topic
The first presentation I’m discussing is the one of Puck Visser. The topic of her presentation was body language. During the presenation she gave the audience some tips and tricks on how to use your body language while presenting. 1.2 Summary

Firstly, Ms Visser started the presentation by stating: “Body language is very important in a presentation.” Audiences start making judgments the moment you begin your presentation. She noted the following steps: start your presentation with style, dress to match the occasion and look confident. These are one of the most important steps. Secondly, Ms Visser talked about the importance of movement and placement of your hands. She gave the following examples: holding your arms behind your back looks rather formal and military like whilst putting your hands in your pockets looks rather casual. By actually showing the audience these differences she really got her point across. Ms Visser stated that the best thing you can do during a presentation is a resting position, keeping your hands alongside your body. Supposedly this gives the audience a feeling of comfort.

Thirdly, Ms Visser discussed wrong body language. A fair amount of presenters feel the need to hold something in their hands during their presentation, whether it’s a pen, notes or a laser pen, it’s very distracting for an audience because often the presenter finds him/herself playing with these objects. Furthermore, Ms Visser mentioned that constant eye contact with your audience plays a large role in a good presentation. And thus, pointing at your power point presentation too much disrupts this and therefore you should refrain from doing this. Fourthly, Ms Visser showed a sheet on her PowerPoint presentation, which summed up a few tricks on how to get your audience to pay more attention to your presentation: 1. Put your hands up in a halt fashion.

2. Extend your arms away from your shoulders, as far as you can, turn your wrists at right angels so your palm are facing each other. Extend your arms away from your shoulders, as far as you can, turn your wrists at right angels so your palm are facing each other. 3. Hold your left hand up in front of you, but not in front of your face. Now flick out your index finger, hold this position, flick up your second finger, now your third finger. (Ms Visser showed this with her own hand as an example). Finally, Ms Visser dedicated a small part of her presentation to the importance of eye contact. Arguing that this is the most important aspect of body language. After which she rounded off the presentation with the following statement: “Gestures, use them please! They brighten up your presentation if you use them well.” 1.3 Praise and critique

The amount of examples Ms Visser gave during her presentation was very pleasant. They gave a good impression of what she was saying. The PowerPoint contained to much text, however it had a nice look and a good structure. Therefore the large amount of text wasn’t really bothersome. Something Ms Visser should pay extra attention to is her vocabulary, this wasn’t that good during her presentation. Also, the audience noticed that she was really nervous during her presentation: turning red when struggling with...
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