Porters 5 Force, Pest and Swot Analysis

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Table of Contents:
Primary Research

1.1Leadership definitions
1.2Leadership theories
1.3Conclusion of primary research

Analysis of primary research

2.1Profile of manager and business
2.2Analysis of questionnaire finding

Theory regarding porters 5 forces framework

3.1Porters five forces diagram
3.2Analysis of Porters five forces
3.3Past analysis of Ryanair

Application of SWOT analysis

4.1SWOT analysis for Ryanair
4.2SWOT analysis for Aerlingus


Figure 1.0
Personal reflection
Progress reports


Primary Research
1.0 Introduction:
As part of our primary research we had to define leadership, as well as explaining four leadership theories. We later used these when constructing a questionnaire that we used when interviewing a Manager of our choice.

1.1Leadership definitions:

The definition of leadership can be explained in many different words, but generally imply the same meaning:

House and Baetz defined leadership as “a process of social influence involving two or more people: The leader and a follower (or potential follower). This is a very basic understanding of the concept of leadership. Collins and Porras take a different approach and explain leadership from the aspect of leaders. They believe “leaders have a vision of how the organisation could be better and can aspire followers to pursue that vision. Carefully crafted visions contain powerful imagery about the future.” A similar approach is taken by Kirkpatrick and Locke as they describe leaders as being “bright, self-confident, high energy people who know something about the situation they are trying to affect and take control when they must.”

1.2Leadership Theories:

McGregors Theory X and Y:

In theory X McGregor states that the only reason people work is for money and they don’t get satisfaction out of their job. However in theory Y, McGregor takes a different approach and states that people work for more than just money, that they can be motivated by the want for job satisfaction and acceptance in the workplace.

Situational Theory:

Proposes that leaders choose the best course of action based upon situation variable. Different style styles of leadership maybe more appropriate for certain types of decision making. The three dimensions allow classification of situations according to how favourable the situation is for the leaders influence (Fiedler)

Behavioural Theory:

Based upon the belief that leaders are made and not born. This theory focuses on the actions of leaders, not mental qualities or internal states. According to the theory people can learn to become leaders through learning and observation. The university of Michigan studies conceptualised two dimensions of leadership behaviour and employee-centered behaviour. (Likert).

Contingency Theory:

This focuses on particular variables related to the environment that might determine which particular style of leadership is best suited for the situation. According to this, no leadership style is best. Success depends upon a number of variables including style, qualities of followers, and aspects of the situation. Fielder studied leadership in widely varying groups. His work built a contingency theory of leadership that considered the characteristics of the leader and of the situation. (Fiedler)

1.3Conclusion of Primary Research:
After defining leadership and the leadership theories, we gained a better understanding of them which enabled us to construct a questionnaire to complete our research by interviewing a person in a Management position.

Analysis of Primary Research


In this section we will be analysing the primary research we carried out. After the construction of a questionnaire, we all participated in the interview of a manager. After...
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