Porter's Value Chain

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Machael Porter’s Value Chain

Support activities assist the primary activities in helping the organisation achieve its competitive advantage. They include: Procurement: This department must source raw materials for the business and obtain the best price for doing so. The challenge for procurement is to obtain the best possible quality available (on the market) for their budget. Technology development: The use of technology to obtain a competitive advantage is very important in today’s technological driven environment. Technology can be used in many ways including production to reduce cost thus add value, research and development to develop new products and the internet so customers have 24/7 access to the firm. Human resource management: The organisation will have to recruit, train and develop the correct people for the organisation to be successful. Staff will have to be motivated and paid the ‘market rate’ if they are to stay with the organisation and add value. Within the service sector such as the airline industry, employees are the competitive advantage as customers are purchasing a service, which is provided by employees; there isn't a product for the customer to take away with them.

Firm infrastructure: Every organisations needs to ensure that their finances, legal structure and management structure work efficiently and helps drive the organisation forward. Ineffiecient infrastructure is waste resources, could affect the firm's reputation and even leave it open to fines and sanctions.

Inbound logistics : Refers to goods being obtained from the organisation's suppliers and to be used for producing the end product. Operations : Raw materials and goods are manufactured into the final product. Value is added to the product at this stage as it moves through the production line. Outbound logistics : Once the products have been manufactured they are ready to be distributed to distribution centres, wholesalers,...
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