Porter's Five Forces of Veolia

Topics: Sustainability, Human, Renewable energy Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Porter’s five forces:


Supplier Power:
Veolia doesn’t have any supplier.

Buyer Power:
Veolia’s buyers are only cities or country so the buyer power is very strong because if Veolia lose a client, it represents lot of money

Competitive Rivalry:

Veolia water has a few of competitor in France : “Lyonnaise des eaux” and COVED. Both, they share all the water network in France.

Veolia energy: the main competitor and leader on the market is GDF SUEZ

Veolia transportation: there are many competitors in this market actually and it will have much more in the next years.

Veolia waste: there are lots of competitors in waste area. Some of them are big like SUEZ and some other are more specialized and local.

Threat of Substitution:

Veolia water: there is no real direct threat of substitution

Veolia energy: even thought Veolia is strongly involved in sustainable development, there are still threat of substitution because energy changes along the time and it will probably exist new renewable energy in the future.

Veolia transportation: Veolia transportation is especially focused on transportation of people so the only threat of substitution might be the transportation of goods and persons by plane or boat.

Veolia waste: The big threat of substitution is the adoption of cradle to cradle concept which limits and eliminates by the end all waste (by producing recycle goods from the conception to the end).

Threat of New Entry:

Veolia water: Barriers to entry are too strong notably because of costs that’s why there will not come so many competitors.

Veolia energy: All firms could be new entrants because they all invest lots of money in research and development to be more environmental friendly.

Veolia transportation: As soon as next year, there will be an open market and so new entrants may come in transportation market. For instance, Air France has already planed to produce trains.

Veolia waste: In a context of...
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