Porter's Five Forces

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Porter's Five Forces
__________________________________________________________________ |The model of the Five Competitive Forces was developed by Michael E. Porter in his book „Competitive Strategy: Techniques for | |Analyzing Industries and Competitors“in 1980. Since that time it has become an important tool for analyzing an organizations | |industry structure in strategic processes. | | http://www.themanager.org/models/p5f.htm |

What is the competitive intensity/attractiveness of the Spiritual Development Industry?

Competition is one of the most powerful forces which shape the spiritual, moral and social lives of both children and adults in our society but, like aspects of spirituality; it is ambiguous (Hull, 1996a). When it is well managed, competition adds enjoyment to our lives and is a stimulus for attaining higher quality, but when allowed to fall into the hands of the strong and the able, it can lead to discouragement and low self-esteem for others, and it can serve as an instrument to widen the gulf between the powerful and the powerless. http://www.johnmhull.biz/Competition%20and%20Spiritual%20Development.html

Also now that the shift has happened within humanity we are being awakened to the greater purpose for which we’ve been sent to planet earth, we have to prepare ourselves for this new way of thinking and operating. We’re being called to open our hearts to each other and instead of selfishly working for our own good, God is challenging us to work according to His plan for the universe. Multitudes of individuals have come into this awareness and in turn many are taking this opportunity to teach and support the growing process. Thus the completion is quite robust. There are some life coaches and spiritual developer that have been in the business of...
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