Portakabin Presentation

Topics: Marketing, Price, Pricing Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: May 20, 2012
The balance of the 4ps in portakabin is as follows:

PRODUCT; What gives portakabin a competitive edge over its competitors is the quality assurance of its products. it adopts the 3stage gate process to ensure a very high quality of its accommodation building products and services. this stage includes planning,manufacturing,and delivering of the solution .

In portakabin,when products are delayed, customers are given an additional 12months product warranty as a way of compensating for the delay. This warranty package boosted up sales at portakabin tremendously since its introduction in 2009. Another outstanding feature of portakabin when they undertake an accommodation building contract is that they ensure that their standard supposes that of the government and standards given.

PRICE: portakabins price is set at a competitive edge/level. although it is slightly higher than the competitors,however,this can be justified by the quality of their products. Portakabin makes qualitative products therefore they can set their prices above that of their competitors.

PROMOTION: portakabin does a market analysis to identify the key reasons why customers buy products before deciding on the promotional strategies to adopt.. The kind of market portakabin deals with is business to business .it sells to big organizations such as schools, hospitals, churches etc. A good understanding of business to business market has helped portakabin to organize its promotional activities in the right ways. Portakabin uses above the line and below the promotion.

Its above the line method is trade journals only. it does not use both the print and electronic media. It below the line method are as follows:

Direct mail-this method is used extensively by portakabin.it sends out leaflets and brochures to maintain brand awareness. Public relations: this involves communications with groups outside the company like meetings with customers,shareholders,government and...
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