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Executive Summary

Port Aventura was launched in 1995 and since that time has transformed from a theme park to an all-encompassing resort. Due to this change, management now requires the ability to identify and target individual customers, as opposed to statistical averages of broad groups. One-to-one communication will allow for customized marketing packages and the ability to maximize revenues. However, information management systems currently in place are not capable of tracking customers to the degree needed to support a one-to-one marketing approach. Therefore, it is the recommendation of Nielsen consulting that Port Aventura implements a data warehouse to facilitate the required analytics to determine who their customer is.

Problem Identification

Port Aventura is poised with the problem of having insufficient information and data on their individual customers. Seeing as the customer base is comprised of vastly different groups, it is imperative that Port Aventura take the time to identify who their customers are and what their individual profiles look like in an attempt to not only better serve customer requests, but also maximize park profits. Accurate and detailed information such as favorite restaurants, spending patterns, hotel stays and park activity preferences will allow Port Aventura to market to individual customers wants and needs on a one-to-one basis. The lack of customer information is due to inadequate information management processes and systems. Port Aventura does not currently have the infrastructure needed to properly collect and manage large amounts of customer data or the ability to strategically analyze that information. Multiple small information systems are collecting high level data, but these systems are not integrated nor do they provide the level of detail required for successful one-to-one customer marketing.

Evaluative Criteria

Collect Individual Customer Preferences
The desired solution must be able to present a concise snapshot of individual customers preferences based on past behaviours. Examples of required information include: * Frequency, seasonality, and duration of a customer’s visit * Did the customer stay in one of the hotels, and if so which one and what type of room * Is the customer visiting for business or pleasure or a combination of the two * Which park activities did the customer partake in; golf, amusement rides, beach club, shows, water park, corporate events * How much does the customer spend and what are the funds being spent on * What is the social-economic attributes of the customer: age, gender, family members, annual income, geographical location This type of detailed information will allow Port Aventura to intimately know each of its customers and provide the opportunity to understand consumer value preferences.

Searchable and Scalable for Data Mining
The solution must be conducive to analytical queries and provide the ability to turn raw data not only into customer information, but customer knowledge. This knowledge will then translate into business intelligence which will provide the basis for data mining. Port Aventura needs the ability to extract the relevant information to identify opportunities, strategies, and predictive behaviours on its customers. Additionally, historical data must be stored and easily accessible while maintaining data integrity.

Ease of Implementation and Ease of Use
The optimal solution must be one that can be implemented quickly and without considerable disruption to the work flow within Port Aventura. Employees must be...
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