Porpyria's Lover - Critical Essay

Topics: Emotion, Protagonist, Character Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Porphyria’s Lover - Critical Essay by Scott Jackson

Q – Choose a poem that is written in the form of a dramatic monologue. Explain how the poet exploits the features of a Dramatic Monologue in order to create a memorable impression of a character or event.

In the poem ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ by Robert Browning the poet exploits the features of the of the poem style of dramatic monologue to create a memorable impression of the main character. The first device used to create the memorable impression is pathetic fallacy in lines two, three and four where the writer says; “The sullen wind…” “…Tore the elm tops down for spite…” and “…Did its worst to vex the lake:” respectively. These techniques are used to show the main character’s very negative and very depressed emotions at the start of the poem before he sees Porphyria. The effectiveness of this being in a dramatic monologue is we are able to view all of his emotions on a more personal level this in turn makes the character of the lover more memorable to the reader. This idea continues onto line five where the reader says, “…With heart fit to break” this is again another insight on a personal level to the characters emotions showing that he is extremely saddened and it emphasizes the character more within the reader as we are seeing things purely from the character’s point of view. Another device used to create an impression of the character within the reader was in line six when the writer says “and glided in Porphyria” this shows that the character of Porphyria is very gracious and also very beautiful through the eyes of the main character it also shows the character has emotional feeling towards Porphyria in the sense that he is in love with her which gives the reader insight into the mind of the main character and aids in making them more memorable to the reader through the use of dramatic monologue to display emotions. The main characters...
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