Porphyria's Lover

Topics: Love, Emotion, Demonstration Pages: 1 (451 words) Published: May 7, 2006
Love is an intense drive of affection that a person shows to another. When two people are in love, they cherish and admire each other. Having a deep love for someone means that you are willing to be in tune with one another emotional, intellectual, and physical states and will not be ashamed acting out your emotions for that person. I believe that love can be demonstrated in a good or bad way. Love can be demonstrated in a good way through providing happiness for the person you love and cherishing every moment with them without having any paranoia of that person doing something that would hurt you. Love can also take a bad turn. Unfortunate situation of bad love usually involves paranoia and a constant fear of a person leaving them or losing love for them. Situations like these can cause the unstable person who is in love to lash out at their love one the wrong way to demonstrate their love. Most people who demonstrate these traits by being in love are usually people who is not used to being loved and once that person finds someone who loves them back they become determined to keep that love forever. And when an over emotional person feels that their losing that love they have the tendency to make careless and dramatic decisions.

Porphryria's Lover demonstrates how a person can be so obsessed with love to where they will do anything to keep it. Robert Browning, in my opinion, presented love as some type of drug or influence that makes a person act a certain way they wouldn't normally act. Love appears to help a person makes sense out of something that would normally be look at as crazy. In Porphyria's Lover, love convinced the narrator that he shouldn't be convicted for killing his lover. He was under the impression that by killing her in name of love he would not be punished by god for he thought god would see it as a good deed. Love was the comforting feeling that the narrator had for Porphryia that caused him to have so much fear of losing...
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