Pornography: a Gateway to Violence

Topics: Pornography, Pornography addiction, Sexual addiction Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: December 19, 2012
A Gateway to Violence?

I. MacDonald
5 December 2012
SOCY 297-01
This topic was not chosen as a bona fide excuse (to my wife) to look at porn, I promise! The subject of pornography came about after many failed attempts at finding other research ideas with non-existing opposing viewpoint articles. The reader has to possibly admit: pornography is losing its taboo label, and does not put the average Joe in discomfort as much as it did fifty years ago. The advertising of pornographic materials is a lucrative business that is a win-win for those that sell the product, and for the consumers whom purchase it. The question is: at what cost?

The first article read by this writer, titled “Pornography Addiction Can Lead to Violence Against Women” is not actually an article. It is a speech by Daniel Weiss, presented at the Summit on Pornography and Violence Against Women and Children, an annual conference held in Washington, DC.

Mr. Weiss starts his speech out by asking the audience whether the State (Washington D.C.) has a compelling interest in protecting people from obscene materials such as pornography. He then states that himself as well as his fellow board members concur, however, the State’s US District judge dissented from that opinion in a court ruling that dismissed a Justice Department’s case against a porn entertainment company in the business of producing rape and torture films. The Honorable Gary Lancaster decided that “the government can no longer rely on the advancement of a moral code ... as a legitimate, let alone a compelling state interest." (Weiss, “Pornography Addiction..”) Mr. Weiss’s gripe regarding the Court’s ruling was that it did not recognize any harm posed by pornography to the public. Mr. Weiss then goes on to explain the potential harm posed by the material.

Mr. Weiss brought up comical examples (to this writer) of a Senate hearing and research from a Dr. Victor Cline (accreditation unknown) regarding...
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