Pornography: Civil law and Catholic teachings

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  • Published: September 10, 2008
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What is Pornography?Because there is no clear definition of "pornography", people's idea of what pornography is will be different from other people. For example one person may think that a women posing in a magazine in a bikini is a form of pornography, while another person may think that pornography is only when a person poses completely naked. Because of this confusion in the definition of pornography, it has become an important moral, ethical and legal issue.

Every man will, at some stage in his life, confront some sort of pornography. This is mainly due to the fact that, not only does the media bombard us with the idea that being a man is being heavily involved with sex and porn they also portray that a man shows how much of a "man" he really is through how good he is at sex. The media also shows images of women that intend to arouse a man. Another big problem with pornography is that over 70% of the internet can be linked to pornography in some way. This is a big problem as not only is porn so easily accessible, it can be as addictive as cocaine.

Pornography changes people's attitudes, morals and ideas, can affect anyone at all and has the same affects as gateway drugs. It first starts with the first encounter with pornography which gives the man a sexual "rush" or "hit". Over a short period of time what first gave him that sexual "hit" no longer gets him excited, so he starts to view stronger, more graphic pornography. The more hardcore and the porn becomes the less likely they are going to tell someone as they don't want to be seen as "porn obsessed freak" and don't receive help. This causes their addiction to get worse and worse. He eventually reaches a point where nothing can satisfy him and the only way he can get the sexual "rush" he wants is by acting out.

This can eventually end up with the man committing rape or murder on women. This is to do with the man having a thought of "permission giving belief". This is where a man feels as though he is allowed to have sex with a woman because she is dressed a certain way and he was aroused by her. This thought is a result of the man getting the sexual "rush" whenever he sees something that he finds sexually stimulating and feels as though whenever he feels this way about a women he can have sexual acts with her.

Civil Law and PornographyAccording to the 1999 Australian censorship Bill and the 2001 NSW Internet Censorship Bill, it is unlawful to host sexually-explicit material (X18+) on an Australian web server. The government says that this harsh censorship regime is required to protect all Australians, but especially children, from offensive and unsuitable content on the Internet.

Proposed new Internet censorship laws were proposed in the NSW Parliament on 7 November 2001 by the Attorney-General, Bob Debus. Among other things, the Bill criminalises making available content unsuitable for children online, even if the content is only made available to adults. In other words, if you place material unsuitable for people under the age of 18 on a web page, even on a password protected section of your site and give the password only to your adult friends, you could be prosecuted under criminal law.

Here are some of the many implementations of the NSW Internet Censorship Bill 2001 in regards to the sale, use, rent, and viewing of pornography:•X rated films are legally available for sale or hire from the ACT or the Northern Territory.

•X rated films are not, and never have been, legally available for sale or hire in NSW.

•The X classification is a restrictive category of films that is defined to be unsuitable for minors.

•The X classification is also defined under the National Classification Code to exclude all violent content. Depictions involving coercion and non-consent have been banned in X since 1984, with later prohibitions being placed on sexually assaultive language, fetishes and purposefully demeaning depictions.

•The private exhibition...
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