Pornography and Censorship

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  • Published : July 27, 2005
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I believe that the censorship of pornography should be nonexistent. Besides the fact that the First Amendment clearly states that the people of the United States have freedom of speech, there are many other reasons why pornography is being wrongfully prosecuted. The porn industry grosses about five billion dollars in revenues just in the United States every year (Jeremy). This shows not only that porn is widely accepted by most people but that porn also helps the economy. Looking more closely to the economic benefit of porn, my research shows that porn employs more than one million people, ranging from actors to store owners, giving the industry a very large and profitable work force (Jeremy). Job wise this also gives some people such as a high school drop out a chance to make a much larger salary then they normally would.

Although I see porn as a very good thing some people believe it to be a degradation of men and women. To them porn is just another thing they believe should be censored or banned. Looking at a census and research from William Boei's paper, I have found that most of the protagonists against porn are either feminists or religious groups. Given the ideas that both these groups hold, I believe that they do not give porn enough credit and see the issue as very one sided. One of the ideas these groups believe in is that all people in pornography are unintelligent and are forced into the job (Jeremy). On the contrary the porn actor Ron Jeremy has a college degree in medicine and has gone back to school many times to further his learning. Although there are the exceptions, many of the actors in porn have not gone to college and some have dropped out of high school. But is this really a bad thing? This does not mean that a porn actor or actress is not intelligent; it just means that the individual chose a job that required no further schooling. The assumption that all individuals in porn are unintelligent and forced into the job is like saying every...
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