Maria Baker
May 25 2013
WR 95 MW
Margret Attwood brings to light, how western society can construe a subject. Especially a subject with a provocative name. Her own experiences when on a lecture circuit. Margret talks about the difference of pseudo masochistic pornography of the west and “hanging from the chandelier” pornography. Margret talks about what the Nazis did to the Jews could be called pornography. How the Chinese persecuted Catholic and Christian missionaries can be called pornography. The sex education programs, Margret points out, are being slowly replaced with pornography. The examples our boys are learning for the treatment of women, like trash. That boys are also being taught that it is “normal” to be a rapist. In western society rapists are glorified, all but condoning rape. Young men seem to get lost because there is a lack of guidance. Margret also brings up that pornography is just as addictive as drugs or alcohol. They all cause a chemical release in the brain. The more a person watches the more dopamine is released. It grows to be an obsession. Pornography can also be used to describe some forms of art. But to the artist their work is not. The artist sees the beauty of the human form. How a body moves, changes, elongates, shadows. The curves of the human body. The artist uses their medium to express their work. They use pencil and paper, marble, paint, clay and metal. Artists and simple villagers carve and mold to make their deities for worship. In the modern pornography world the actors and actresses call themselves artists. But I am sure that many would beg to differ. The European pornography market is very different from the west. The western market has almost cornered the violence. But not all what is labeled pornography is truly sexually related. I have to admit that I have been touched in several ways by pornography. Because of the ease of availability, my brother had it in his room. Thus being easy...
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