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  • Published: February 26, 2011
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Module 6

Planning good crop-management practices
To apply good crop-management practices, it is necessary
Introduce the materials (e.g. cotton used for constructing the calendar. Picture the rice-plant development

when the rice plant starts developing tillers and for how long. When transplanting is late, a good part of the tillering potential can be lost. Plant development also determines the ‘right’ time for weeding and fertilizer plant growth stages and the appropriate timing of


Start with extreme stages— seed and rice plant at the maturity phase; Introduce successively the booting, panicle initiation, then seed germination, four-leaf, tillering initiation and maximum tillering stages;



Introduce the three plant development phases; Make a metaphor with the grain store.

Learning objectives At the end of this session farmers will: Have an overview of the rice-plant developmental stages. development, i.e. tillering, panicle initiation and Know the optimal management practices to be carried out at the different developmental stages, i.e. transplanting, weed control, fertilizer application and water management.


Develop the cropping calendar Start with the extreme stages— nursery sowing and rice harvesting;

transplanting, weed control and fertilizer application. Discuss the appropriate crop management practices, in particular timely transplanting, weed control and timely fertilizer application.

PLAR–IRM Curriculum: Facilitator’s Manual (Defoer et al., 2009). Module 6, page 1.


Module 6
Planning good crop-management practices


current module. 3. The facilitator displays a piece of cotton cloth with a horizontal line in the middle, graduated line. The facilitator explains that below plant development stages and that practices1.

that this rice development stage corresponds to point 0 on the timeline and that it is also the time for nursery sowing commonly grown lowland rice variety in the area. The...
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