Pork Tapeworms

Topics: Taenia solium, Taenia saginata, Cestoda Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Taenia solium is also known as the pork tapeworm can be found everywhere in the world. However, it is more common in some countries more than others such as; Central and South Africa, Asia, Mexico, Portugal and Spain. These countries may also have many areas with poor sanitation, bad human hygiene (fecal matter), and pigs that are living in poor conditions. Anywhere that experience these conditions previously mentioned will have a high rate of T. solium infections. Frequently, this infection is known to come from pigs more often that’s where it got its name from. Also, eating raw or undercooked meat will present a higher risk of getting infected with T. solium. The morphology of T. solium is usually compared with the morphology of Taenia saginata, both tapeworms are similar in shape. T. solium is shorter (2-3m) in length compared to T. saginata (4-5m). T. solium also has a more complex scorlex (head) than T. saginata, with four suckers and two rows of hooks. It’s also has a white colored tapeworm with a flat shape. T. solium consist of six stages in its life cycle. The six stages are egg, oncosphere, cysticercus, adult tapeworm, postoncospheral form and the preadult tapeworm. The preadult and the adult stage can only happen when a human consumes pork. It can be infected by the cysticercus stage because one must mature in the human’s intestine. The eggs are also shed through the human’s feces and then disbursed by a pig. This usually happens when a human eats pork that’s undercooked and also infested by cysticercus. Some people usually don’t have any symptoms but some may have abdominal discomfort. Cysticercosis can be formed in human tissue. The location that most needs medical attention for the cysticercosis would be the eye and its surrounding tissues and also the nervous system. Treating T. solium can be very easy when using the correct medication and dosage. Praziquantel is known as a successful medication, so are niclosamide and albendasole.
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