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Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Sustainable tourism Pages: 45 (11129 words) Published: April 7, 2011
1:1 Introduction

Today tourism has been measured as a great event involving movement of millions of people all over the world. The number of international tourists and their expenditure has grown strongly. This sector is contributing for the growth development, employment generations and correcting negative balance of payment of a country. But the share of Bangladesh in the world tourism is very poor. The contribution of this sector to GDP of Bangladesh is insignificant. Bangladesh is enriching with enormous tourists assets, spots and tourists facilities, which have not yet been explored. The tourism arrangement prevailing in Bangladesh is inadequate to meet changing and growth demand of this sector. As such this study has been designed to evaluate the role of existing tourism organization in Bangladesh to measure the attitude and satisfaction of tourists about various facilities available and to suggest strategic and innovative measures to overcome the problems and to develop these sectors. On the basis of the study, some measures such as adequate operational freedom to BPC, involvement of private sector attracting foreign direct investment and forming joint venture, restricting of information transmission system, creation of resource zone new tourist spot and proper maintenance of existing destinations, allocation of sufficient fund by the Govt. improvement of law and order situation etc. have been recommended to overcome these problems and to design strategic policy for development of tourism sector in Bangladesh. This report based on the topic “The role of the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) in developing of tourism industry in Cox’s Bazar” which is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of BBA. This study is conducted on behalf of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) the national tourism organization which is established 1972 and started the activities 1973.

BPC contribute tourism sector of Bangladesh through different activities. They make master plan for develop the tourism industry in Bangladesh but it is irony of fact that BPC has been faced various problem. And various aspect of BPC will be focused through out this report. 1:2 Objective of the Study

There are a number of objectives that we put ahead in our study. The major objectives of the study are to give a conceptual idea of tourism industry, to show the opinion of local & foreign tourist and to highlight the real picture and description of the different tourist spot in Bangladesh especially on Cox’s Bazar. But mainly we are highlighting the following main objectives:

1) To study with the contemporary thought of tourism.
2) To know the present status of tourism industry in Bangladesh. 3) To study the Cox’s Bazar as on of the important tourist spot in Bangladesh. 4) To study evaluate the function and policy of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation in developing tourism industry in Cox’s Bazar. 5) To identify the handicaps of BPC in developing tourism industry in Cox’s Bazar and provide recommendation.

1:3 Methodology of the Study

The methodology of the study holds in following steps:

The topics under study was situated by the department considering the importance of socio economic condition of Bangladesh. In this backdrop this study is designed to explore the tourism potentiality in Cox’s Bazar for the economic development of Bangladesh. The study is based on primarily data and secondary data and other sources.

➢ Primary Sources: the study is based on primary data and does not hold all the characteristics of a scholarly research. Analysis of available data from questionnaire through direct and telephone interview from the tourist and from the local peoples. Different concerns of the hotels such as managers and others who are involved to the related industry. Interview also made from restaurants author and related peoples. Data and relevant information were collected...
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